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1.1 Introduction

In this course, I'll give you a look at the RxJS library for JavaScript. With RxJS you can practice reactive programming, making it easier to code apps that respond to dynamically changing data. Follow along with me as I go through some simple examples and exercises to manipulate data with RxJS.

1.Reactive Programming With RxJS
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Reactive Programming With RxJS

1.1 Introduction

[SOUND] If you're involved with JavaScript, you may have heard of the term reactive programming. A popular library name RxJS has been released that allows developers to use observables. These new data structures allow you great flexibility in your programs, but most people don't know how to use them. You won't become an expert after this coffee break course, but you should be comfortable enough to start using our RxJS in your apps. First you will learn what is happening when you look at observables in action, then we will build a few examples where we will learn to use observables. You should definitely take a few minutes to learn reactive programming with RxJS.

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