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1.1 Introduction

Hi, my name is Jeremy McPeak, and in this course I'll teach you everything you need to know to make HTTP requests with JavaScript.

1.1 Introduction

Microsoft revolutionized the Web with the XML HTTP object, because it allowed developers to issue HTTP requests with JavaScript. And that seemingly small capability forever changed the way that we approach and develop Web applications. Hi, my name is Jeremy McPeak and I invite you to spend a few minutes with me as I talk about making HTTP requests with JavaScript. Now you may already know how to issue Get, Post, Put, and Delete requests, and if so then this course is probably not for you. But if you're new to the world of web development, and you want to write rich and interactive applications, then this is stuff that you need to know, and you will want to watch this course. Because I will teach you how to use JavaScript to reform data in order to send requests to the server to retrieve, create, update, and delete resources on the server. You'll also learn how to upload files and track the upload progress. And we'll do all of that with a fantastic little library called Axios, and it makes it dead simple to issue these types of requests. I can't wait to get started teaching you these concepts. So when you're ready, queue up the next video and we will get started.

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