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1.2 What You Need

There are not many prerequisites for this course. The main requirement is that you have Node installed on your development machine. When you install Node, you'll get the Node Package Manager (NPM) that you will use to create your React application. In order to improve your development experience, you could also install a quality code editor. I'll be using Visual Studio Code.

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1.2 What You Need

Let's begin by talking a little bit about some of the prerequisites that you're gonna need to follow along with this course. Now thankfully, there really aren't very many and honestly all you're really gonna need to install is Node.js, and that's actually quite simple if you don't have it already installed. All you have to do is head over to nodejs.org and you can go ahead and choose to download. Now typically when it comes to any sort of development that I'm gonna use, either for myself or proof of concepts or applications, I'm going to use the LTS which is gonna be the latest supported version. It doesn't necessarily have all of the latest features and bells and whistles, but for the most part, I really don't need those. So if you head over to node js.org and simply download the latest LTS version, then that's gonna be more than fine. And honestly, you could probably get away with just about anything above version five. So if you have NPM 6 and above installed, that will probably do it, although I would honestly advise you to install something a little bit newer than that. But as long as you have something relatively recent, you should be fine. Also, you're gonna need a decent code editor. Now you can use any sort of code editor you want. Heck, you could even use text editors like TextEdit or Notepad or whatever depending on whatever platform you're on. But once again, last with many of the courses that I create, I advise you to get yourself a high quality code editor. And that could be things like Adam or visual studio code or whatever ones are out there that you really enjoy, and I happen to like to use Visual Studio code. I just like it for general purpose development in a huge array of programming languages and all the support via extensions that are out there for just massive amounts of programming languages. It just really suites me very well and I really enjoy using it. So go ahead and install Node as well as Visual Studio Code or whatever sort of code editor you want to use. And then you're gonna be ready to get started. So once you have those things installed, let's go ahead and jump into the next lesson where we're going to begin talking about react and how we're going to create react apps.

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