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3.1 Conclusion

Thank you so much for joining me in this journey to the world of Augmented Reality. We’ve just scratched the surface of AR’s potential by learning a little bit about markers. I hope you’ll join me as we delve further into Augmented Reality in future courses.

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3.1 Conclusion

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for joining me into this journey of just kind of scratching the surface and whetting your appetite a bit when it comes to the world of augmented reality. So there are so many different cool things that you can do in the realm of augmented reality and not just there, specifically, but also within the world of Unity and Vuforia in and of themselves. So I would highly recommend you spending a little bit of time and brushing up on Unity and Vuforia a little bit just to kind of understand a little bit more of the basics when it comes to using them and using those tools in libraries to build very cool and immersive games or augmented reality scenes. So in order to do that, I highly recommend you going over to Unity3D.com/learn and checking out some of their documentation and tutorials to really get yourself up and running rather quickly in the world of Unity. Also for Vuforia, I would also head over to the developer.vuforia.com/support page as you can see some very popular help topics of things that are going on right now in common questions and things that people are trying to figure out. As well as heading over to the Library tab, where you can see all of the different articles on getting started, and video tutorials, and best practices, to kind of give you a better feeling and understanding of the library itself and some other very interesting and popular use cases or what other people are using this library to do. As you never know when you can find some inspiration to take something that somebody else has kind of thought of and inject it into your application as well. So once again thank you for joining me in this journey. I can't wait to see you next time.

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