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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to the PHP Testing Basics course, I'm Andrew Perkins and throughout this course I'll teach you the very basics of testing PHP web applications.

1.1 Introduction

Hello, and welcome. My name's Andrew Perkins. Are you interested in learning how to get started testing your PHP applications? In this course I'll teach you the very basics of testing in the PHP language. We'll first go over what is required to test your PHP applications, and what testing is itself, as well as why testing is important. We'll explore the differences between the way that a beginner may test their PHP applications and the differences between using test-driven development, or TDD for short, and behavior-driven development, or BDD for short. Along the way we'll be taking a look at the various frameworks that are available to make sure your PHP websites run just as you expect. We'll be examining the popular PHPUnit framework, Codeception, and Behat. And then lastly, we'll compare and contrast the different types of tests that you can run such as unit, functional, and acceptance tests. By the end you should have a good foundation of beginner testing knowledge to then take some of more intermediate testing courses here at Tuts+. Next up, we'll review this course's requirements and expected knowledge that you'll need in order to follow along. I'll see you there.

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