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1.1 Welcome

Hi, there! My name is Jeffrey Way, and I am a confessed code editor addict. I've tried them all. I was an early adopter of Coda; I became a Vim faithful; and then, I found Sublime: far and away the best code editor I've ever used.

In this course, I'd like to show you every spec of information that I've learned from this amazing editor.

1.1 Welcome

Hello, my name is Jeffrey Way, and welcome to my course, the Perfect Workflow And Sublime Text 2. So here's the thing, when it comes to code editors, I've honestly tried them all. I am a fanatic when it comes to editors, because in my opinion, if you're going to be coding every single day, then you can make no better investment than to learn the ins and outs of your editor. So, yes, I worked with Coda back in 2008. I used TextMate for awhile. I was a Vim faithful for years. But still, once I discovered Sublime Text 2, there was no going back. So in this course, I'd like to pass onto you every fragment of information that I've picked up on using this amazing editor. But if you're not quite sure and need the elevator pitch, well here's just a handful of things that make Sublime stand out. One, multiple cursors. Once you discover this, you won't be able to go back to any editor that does not offer this. Two. Vintage Mode, if you are a VIM user like I was, those keyboard shortcuts are going to be ingrained into your fingertips. But luckily, Sublime Text has an optional Vintage Mode that provides support for this. Three, it's lightning fast. You will not find a faster code editor. Four. Whether this is tempting or not, it has actually become, in the last year, the cool kids' code editor. Now, I only bring that up because you're going to find massive amounts of documentation as a result. Five, it offers a command palette so that you can touch the mouse as little as humanly possible, which is vital if you wanna be fast in your code editor and six, and possibly more important than anything, the plug in community for sublime text in incredibly vibrant. So what this translates to is, if you need a particular feature or syntax highlighter, chances are somebody has already thought of it, and they've already created a plug in for you. Even better, thanks to Will bond's package control, you can install these plug ins in less than five seconds. So, that's the intro. This course comes as part of Touch Plus Premium. If you're not familiar with us, we provide high quality video training on the web development skills that you want to learn. Are you getting into Backbone? Well, we have courses for that. What about new frameworks like, Laravel? Yep, we got courses for that, too. What about Node.js or Express? Yeah, we have all of that. So, if you enjoyed this course, which we've made free to everyone, we'd greatly appreciate it if you paid a quick visit to the site, and come say, hello. And, with that out of the way, let's now dive in to Sublime Text 2.

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