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1.1 Introduction

Hi, my name is Jeremy McPeak, and I invite you to join me in learning Node.js. We'll start with the basics, like the event loop and asynchronous programming, and work our way up to creating a basic HTTP server that can serve a complete website.

1.1 Introduction

So you've heard about Node.js and the idea of writing fast, cross platform, and asynchronous applications with JavaScript is very intriguing. And I can relate. I love the JavaScript language, and being able to write web and desktop applications with JavaScript is, well, as I said, very intriguing. But I can also understand your hesitation. Especially if you're coming from a client-side web oriented background. Application development is very different than working within a browser. But then at the same time, there are a lot of similarities, and the fact that you already know JavaScript is a huge plus. Hi, my name is Jeremy McPeak, and I invite you to spend an hour and a half with me as I teach you the fundamental concepts and APIs of Node.js. We'll start at the very beginning. You will download and install Node.js, and then write a very simple test application. And from there we'll write an application that watches for changes to a file. And in doing so, you will learn several key concepts such as nodes event loop, using modules and how to write asynchronous code. You'll then learn other important concepts such as event emitters, streams, and error handling. And then we'll dive into streams, focusing on file streams. But you'll learn how to read and write data with them. And we'll use those concepts to write a simple but functional HTTP server. At the end of this course, you'll learn about Node package manager, or npm. And how you can use it to access hundreds of thousands of packages that you can use, not only in your applications, but in your daily work flow as well. We have a lot of ground to cover. So when you're ready, queue up the first video, and we will get started