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5.1 Conclusion

Thank you for joining me in this journey through the world of MySQL. My name is Derek Jensen, and from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, we can't wait to see you next time.

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5.1 Conclusion

Well congratulations, you've come quite a long way when it comes to learning about MySQL. Now that you have the basic fundamentals down and you understand creating tables, and creating databases and being able to create relationships between these tables, and being able to query data out of them using joins. You really have a lot of the basic tools that you're gonna need to be able to build very large and robust data schemas and add them into your PHP applications. Now obviously, in this course, we've really only touched a lot of the basics of things. And in order to really take advantage of MySQL and all it has to offer, you're really gonna need to know a little bit more. And so in order to learn more about MySQL, the best place to go is going to be into the documentation. So heading over to dev.mysql.com and checking out the documentation. Now, it has a nice little select feature, so you can kinda search through the documentation. You can also download it. But to go through this documentation, whenever there is something that you really aren't sure about is gonna be your best bet. So going in through the general information, installing and upgrading and tutorial is gonna be very, very important. These are gonna be three sections that I would highly recommend you going through. As you begin to learn more about SQL and want to learn more about the things that you can do with it, then I would definitely take a look at the language structure section, as well as the data types and then functions and operators. So as I alluded to earlier in the course, there are lots of different types of data types that you can take advantage in your tables when you are creating them. And that's what you're gonna find here in the data types section, as well as other functions and operators, like I used the group, Concat. There are so many other built in functions that you can take advantage of. And you're gonna find a lot of those here in the Functions and Operators. Now, there's a lot more in here. And once again, like I said, you're just gonna have to kinda search around as you start to run into things or you're not quite sure how to handle. It's all gonna be in the documentation. So this is a fantastic resource for you to bookmark and keep ready to go. Now, once you have all of this ready, and you're ready to really integrate these queries and this table structure into your PHP applications, I would highly recommend you coming back to your PHP Fundamentals course, here on Tuts+, in taking another look at PHP and MySQL sections. So you're gonna be able to take a lot of the concepts that you learned and enhanced in this course, and introduce them into your PHP applications, using this section of the course. So I hope you have enjoyed going into the world of MySQL and getting your hands dirty, and doing a lot of these things by hand. And hopefully, they will continue to enhance the applications that you write. So my name is Derek Jensen, and once again, from all of us here at Tuts+, I can't wait to see you next time.

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