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1.1 Welcome

Continuing from Part 1, let’s extend into tools for linting, measuring performance, checking for coding styles, optimization, build, continuous integration and finally, exploring some platforms where we can deploy and host our applications.


The prerequisites are much the same as Part 1, and knowledge of Part 1 is useful to quickly catch the various frameworks used during those videos.

  1. HTML, CSS – Tutsplus Course: 30 days to learn HTML and CSS
  2. JavaScriptBecome a progressional JavaScript Developer, Required JavaScript reading
  3. Command LineCommand Line is your best friend and Advanced Command Line Techniques
  4. Text editor such as Sublime Text and its package control – Tutsplus Course: Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2
  5. Install Rubygems ruby package manager
  6. Install Node (this comes with NPM) – node package manager
  7. Git and Github – Tutsplus Course: Git Essentials
  1. A Baseline for Front-End Developers by Rebecca Murphey
  2. Tooling for the Modern WebApp Developer ( slides) by Addy Osmani
  3. Tooling and WebApp Development Stack ( slides) by Paul Irish
  4. The Breakpoint show by Google Developers
  5. New wave Utility Belt by Addy Osmani