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2.6 Style Guides

When coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript, each of us might have different coding styles regarding indentations, spaces, colons or semi-colons. Having a coding style defined for each project makes it much more consistent, and it’s as if the entire project was coded by a single developer with a consistent coding style.


  1. HTML Style guide
  2. CSS style guide
  3. JavaScript Styleguide
  4. Code guide with Golden Rule
  5. Frontend style guides
  6. CSS Style guides
  7. JavaScript Style guides and beautifiers
  8. Sublime text closure linter
  9. Styleguide checker

Flow 1. All the Websites

closure lint 1. Google closure lint according to the Google’s JavaScript styleguide 2. install Google closure linter `sudo easy_install http://closure-linter.googlecode.com/files/closure_linter-latest.tar.gz

  1. help commands `gjslint --help


  2. list the coding style errors `gjslint script.js


  3. fix the coding style errors fixjsstyle script.js