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1.1 Introduction

If you want to create custom themes or plugins, you'll have to learn PHP for WordPress. Let's get started with an overview of what we'll cover in the course.

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1.1 Introduction

Hello, and welcome to this TutsPlus course on learning PHP for WordPress. My name is Rachel Makonnen, and in this course I'm gonna teach you everything you need to know, to get started coding PHP in WordPress themes and plugins. We'll start by looking at what PHP is, and why WordPress uses it. We'll move on to looking at the WordPress coding standards, and what's expected of you when you code PHP. And we'll then look at some specifics, so we'll create some functions, and hook them into our theme, we'll look at the loop and how you code that. We'll looking at if and else statements and how you use them with conditional tags, we'll then move on to defining some variables and we'll learn how you can echo out text and data. We'll then pull together everything that you've learned in the course on a practical project to create this archive page for custom post type, which uses a custom query, along with some conditional statements, and some variables. Watch this course, and learn about PHP for WordPress.

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