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1.3 Installing IntelliJ IDEA

In this lesson, I will show you how to install IntelliJ IDEA in your system. Once done, you’re good to go with coding in Kotlin.

Remember, you will also need to download the Java Development Kit from the link below if it is not already installed on your machine.

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1.3 Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Hello, in this lesson, we will be learning about installing intelliJ IDEA, so that we can begin coding in Kotlin. Let's get started without further delay. Open your browser and search for intelliJ IDEA. And in the first link it says, if we get /IDE. Open it, go to the Download section, and then we need the Community version. Ultimate version is for the professional purpose and we will be using the Community version since we are just a beginner. Click on download. And here is your IntelliJ IDEA downloading. So here, I've got my IntelliJ IDEA downloaded. Click on it for installation, like you install any other softwares in your Windows. Click on next. Select the destination folder, where you want your intelligent ID to be set up. Next, and here are some settings. I'll leave it blank for now. Click on next. Selecting the start menu folder, I'll leave it as it brings. And clicking on Install, the installation for the IntelliJ IDEA starts. Yes, we have our intelliJ IDEA setup.. The setup. We will run IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition and click on finish. We have this as in fresh installation, so we do not want to import any settings. Clicking on OK. Here is our IntelliJ IDEA. We have an option to customize it the way we want. Here is the setting for the UI team. Let's skip it. Let's skip all the default settings,and start the intelliJ IDEA. So here we are with the setup of intelliJ IDEA. That's all for this lesson. In the next lesson we will learn creating the new project, writing our first Kotlin program and executing the cord. See you, in the next lesson

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