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5.1 Conclusion

So this is the end of getting started tutorial of Kotlin. We have covered almost all the basic syntax that Kotlin has. And you're ready to get started with Kotlin. You can write your own programs, build some basic applications, and keep learning programming in Kotlin. There are more concepts like Object-Oriented programming and the advanced features that Kotlin has provided us with. We will have them all in other courses. There are many more tutorials at Envato, which you can refer to for Kotlin. There are so many tutorials up here. We also have Kotlin discussion forums, where you can post your questions and have discussions, it is You can also post your questions and queries at Here there are already so many questions on Kotlin, you can put your one and get your answer. You can also refer to for all the other details on Kotlin. Last, but not the least, I'm Anna and I was your instructor. Happy coding, and keep smiling.

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