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3.1 Conclusion

Congratulations, you have completed the Android Fundamentals on Intents. We learned a lot of things about intents. You saw what is an intent and how it allows different applications in the Android system to work together. You saw how Intent Resolutions help us to get the apps in our Android device which can handle the requests that we have generated. We created custom actions in our Android application, and you also saw how to use the ADB Shell for testing and how easy it is when using ADB Shell for testing the implicit intents. To learn more about intents, there are numerous articles across the web which you can refer to for getting more into the details of intents. There is one here at Tuts+. I'll share the link for all this in the description below. Here is the one which states what are Android Intents. And since we are using Kotlin for this chapter, you need to be acquainted with using Kotlin for Android applications. You can refer to this course by me, where I have explained almost all the concepts of Kotlin that we have used in our course here. You can go to the official website of developer.android.com and go through the article here. The article for Common Intents defines all the actions which you can perform using the implicit intent and make your app advanced. Then there is a whole article for Android Debug Bridge. You can refer to this if you want to use ADB for making testing easier. You can go through this and learn how to use the ADB Shell. Last but not the least, you can go through the Application Fundamentals article to learn about the fundamentals of Android, which includes activities, services, broadcast receivers, and content provider. You can refer to the code attached with this course in case you get stuck with anything. I hope you like the course. Thanks for joining with us at Tuts+. Keep smiling, and have a good day.

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