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Replacement Course Available

This course uses Jasmine 1.0, which is now outdated. We have released a new course to teach you the same great skills using the most recent Jasmine version: JavaScript Testing With Jasmine 2.0.

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JavaScript Testing With Jasmine

Hello Jasmine


Admit it: you say that you test your JavaScript, but, in reality, you … don’t. That’s okay; the idea of testing JavaScript is a relatively new thing. And unfortunately, there aren’t too many “hold your hand” resources for getting up and running. Well, that all changes with this course. We start from scratch, and slowly work our way up the testing chain.

Along the way, we’ll take advantage of the fantastic Jasmine BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) framework to make our tests as readable as possible. Upon completion of the course, you’ll not only have a robust test suite at your fingertips, but your tests will also make for fantastic documentation!

We've built a comprehensive guide to help you learn JavaScript, whether you're just getting started as a web developer or you want to explore more advanced topics: