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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to ECMAScript 2015 Fundamentals. In this introductory lesson I'll introduce ES6, an important milestone in JavaScript's history. I'll also give you a look at the topics that we'll be covering throughout the course.

1.1 Introduction

Hi folks. Ecma Script 2015 or ES6 as it's also named is now an official Ecma standard and represents the biggest change to the language in almost 20 years. JavaScript of course is the language of the web, and while many features of ES6 aren't yet on mainstream browsers we need to get up speed with the latest JavaScript techniques. My name is Dan Wellman. Welcome to ECMAScript 2015, Fundamentals, from all of us here at Tuts+. Support for ES6 is improving all the time. Features are rapidly making their way into the mainstream browsers. So there has never been a better time to get to grips with the latest features of JavaScript. Because support at this type is not universal, we're going to use Babel to transfile our ES 6 down to ES 5, so that it can be used in all mainstream browsers. Babel supports some ES 6 features with transfillation and others with a polyfill. In the first few lessons of the course, we'll be looking at features which are supported by transpolation. So initially we'll setup our development area ready to transpile. A bit later in the course we'll move on to other features that are supported by the polyfill. So at that point we'll hook up the polyfill and see how easy it is to work with that. So let's move on to the first lesson in the course and get Babel set up and ready to use. Thanks for watching.

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