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1.1 Welcome

Hello, and welcome to another exciting course, brought to you by your friends here at tuts+. My name is Derick Jensen, and once again, I'm going to be taking you on a ride into the world of Swift. Now in the previous course that I taught on the swift programming language, we went over a lot of the common fundamental constructs of the language, and that's where our focus was, and that's where we stayed most of the time. And that's a very important place to begin when you're learning a new language or getting into a new platform, is to fully understand the basics, the fundamentals, the building blocks if you will, of a particular language. Now, in this course, we're going to be jumping into actually building an application from the ground up using the Swift programming language, and we're gonna be targeting the iOS platform, and more specifically, we're gonna be creating an iPhone app and like I said, we're going to be doing it from the ground up, so we're gonna start from zero and end up with an application. Now, as I said before, if you are unfamiliar with the Swift programming language you can head over, to tuftsplus.com and take a look at my previous course on the Swift programming language to help you get up to speed, now it's not a requirement for you to absolutely know all the ins and outs of the Swift programming language, to be able to follow along with this course, but it's definitely going to be helping you out to understand what I'm doing, as I'm not going to be digging into a lot of the aspects of the language itself as I'm going through this course. But, I will touch on a few things here and there, but more importantly we're going to be seeing how to use the Swift programming language to target the iOS platform, when creating your applications. So that's about it we're gonna jump into this course here and once again this is gonna be a no holds barred, down and dirty, get down and write an app, we're not gonna introduce any fluff here, it's gonna be getting right down to business, writing some code and creating an iPhone app. So I'm looking forward to embarking on this journey with you, I hope you're excited as well. Let's get started.

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