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1.1 Introduction

Hi, I'm Jeremy McPeak, and I invite you to join me in taking a first look at the Stimulus framework.

1.1 Introduction

The web development is currently clobbering itself over these monolithic frameworks that are almost everything and the kitchen sink. So when something like Stimulus comes along it's almost like a breath of fresh air. It simply exists to make writing conventional web applications much more enjoyable. Hi, I am Jeremy McPeak. And I invite you to spend about a half hour with me to take a first and very quick look at Stimulus. It's a nice little framework that gives us the ability to, once again, separate our markup from its behavior. And it does so with a declarative syntax somewhat reminiscent of Vue.js. Now, we're not going to write any grand applications in this course, but we will look at the ideas, concepts and philosophies of Stimulus. We'll start with the basics and connect our JavaScript code, which is in the form of a controller to its respective elements. You'll learn how Stimulus is design for code reuse and how we can mix multiple controllers to work with the same set of elements. I'll also show you how to incorporate Stimulus in your build process. And how you can maintain state within your controllers. Stimulus is really a very cool little framework and I can't wait to get started showing it to you. So when you're ready cue up the first video and we will get started.

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