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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to Introducing Angular Components. In this introductory lesson, I'll tell you about the power of Angular components and outline the course project.

1.1 Introduction

Hi folks, welcome to Introducing Angular Components. Angular components are a kind of cross between an Angular directive and a web component, and are also closely aligned with Angular 2. So, using Angular components today can lead to a smoother migration path when upgrading your projects to Angular 2. We'll start out by converting an existing directive in the example app into a component as this is a common thing that you probably want to do to some of your existing directives. And it should help to highlight some of the fundamental differences between directives and components. We'll cover the different configuration options that we can use when defining a component, see how to associate a template with a component, as well as look at the different lifecycle events that we have at our disposal. So join me in the next lesson and let's get our development area setup and ready to start on the coding examples.

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