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1.1 Introduction

Machine learning is being used more and more widely in the tech industry. With recent advances, it's now possible to do this on your home computer, or as of iOS 11, on your mobile Apple device. In this course, I'll show you how to put machine learning to work with Apple's new Core ML library.

1.1 Introduction

Machine learning has become a prominent topic lately. With the advancements in computer science and technology, it has now become possible to do this on your home computer or, as of iOS 11, on your mobile Apple device. Hello, and welcome to image recognition on iOS 11 with CoreML. I'm Markus Muhlberger and in this course I'm giving you an introduction into Apple's machine learning framework, CoreML. We are going to talk about the science behind it like neural networks or support vector machines. How to do image recognition in your iOS application. And how to use live video to do the same thing. As a bonus, I added the lesson about natural language processing with iOS and CoreML. Let's get started with machine learning on iOS.

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