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4.1 Conclusion

I hope this course has inspired you to use machine learning in your next app! My name’s Markus Mühlberger, and from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, thanks for watching.

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4.1 Conclusion

Hi, and welcome to the final lesson of Image Recognition on iOS with CoreML. I hope you got a good introduction to the topic with this short course. Of course machine learning depends largely on the quality of your model. To get deeper into this topic, I recommend the course Machine Learning Distilled by Kenan Casey on Tuts+. The machine learning enabled frameworks like Vision and Foundation have much more to offer than I could show you. I recommend you explore the documentation to see what is possible with them. I'm sure you can find a good application for your problems. Feel free to contact me on GitHub or Twitter with questions about the topic I covered. Thank you from all of us here at plus for watching this course. We hope you enjoyed and learned a great deal from us. See you next time

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