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1.1 Welcome

Welcome to How to Use Swift on Linux. In this course I will cover the basics of getting Swift installed on Linux and writing a basic open-source Swift application.

1.1 Welcome

Hey there, friends. My name is Derek Jensen, and I'm excited to bring you a very cool new course, based on the brand new announcement that Apple is taking the Swift programming language, Open Source. What does that mean exactly? Well that means now that you don't have to be limited to just OS X. You can be writing Swift applications on Linux and other supported platforms and operating systems, as they continue to come out. So in this course, I'm gonna show you the basics of getting up and running with Swift in Linux, and being able to write a very simple albeit fun, application that's gonna allow you to create some cyphers of some sentences and texts to be able to share with your friends. So, let's not mess around. Let's get started.

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