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Swiftlinux 1
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3.1 Goodbye

Thanks for joining me in this course. I truly hope you have learned something and gained more of an appreciation for setting up and writing Swift applications on Linux. And I hope you are as excited about the new possibilities it opens up as I am!

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3.1 Goodbye

So there you have it. Hopefully you have enjoyed coming with me on this journey. And learning a little bit more about how to take this new advancement in the Swift programming language, which is Apple taking this and making it an open technology and an open language. And being able to see some of the cool things that you can do with it, not only on a Mac, but also on other platforms, which right now is limited to Linux. But to keep an eye on that into the future is gonna be very exciting, cuz it's gonna open up a lot of doors with this very cool and new language, Swift. Now I do encourage you to stay out on Swift.org, and really pay attention to it. And keep an open eye on the blog and the different things that have been coming out with Swift, and just kind of pay attention to it, cuz things are gonna be moving and changing rather quickly. And also, if you're feeling so inclined, you can definitely take a look at the source code that is involved in Swift. And also learn about the community, and also become more familiar with being able to contribute. And if that's something that you'd like to do in the future, then it's definitely encouraged. So do pay attention to Swift.org, as more advancements come to place, and hopefully I will see you again next time.

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