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1.2 How to Code Forms in Angular 2

In this lesson, we’ll work through a complete example of how to code forms in Angular 2. We’ll create a form component that can display and edit information. Follow along and I’ll show you how to use the essential features of two-way data binding and input validation.

Code Snippet

This Angular 2 template snippet creates an input field. The value of the input field is two-way connected with the model.name field defined in the corresponding .component.ts file. The name of the input field is "name". And finally, a reference is created to the field as nameField, which can be referred to elsewhere in the template. The nameField ref is used below the input field, to show or hide a <div>, depending on the state of the input field.

    <input type="text"  id="name" required [(ngModel)]="model.name" name="name" #nameField="ngModel">
    <div [hidden]="nameField.valid || nameField.pristine">
        Name is required

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