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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to How to Become a Web Developer: jQuery and Bootstrap. My name is Jeremy McPeak, and in this course I’ll teach you how to get started developing web sites with jQuery, Bootstrap, and Bower!

If you’re very new to web development, you might want to check out the first course in this series: How to Become a Web Developer (link below).

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1.1 Introduction

So you want to be a web developer. And you have a basic understanding of how the web works. You know some HTML, but you're a bit overwhelmed with the idea of doing something with JavaScript or using CSS to layout your page, or even perform animations. And that's completely understandable. Hi, my name is Jeremy McPeak and in this updated course, I will help you continue your path towards being a web developer. Right out of the gate, I'm going to teach you some things about java script such as variables, functions and objects. It's going to be pretty basic but you will learn some very important things about the language. Next, I'll show you how to access elements within the HTML document using something that we call the document object model or DOM, for short. I'll then introduce you to jQuery, which is someone else's code and that means that we have to download and manage it within our web pages. But don't worry about all of that because I'm going to teach you how to use a tool called, Bower. It will download and manage jQuery for us. So I will teach you the basics of jQuery and we'll then move on to CSS. And I'll introduce you to Bootstrap and teach you the basics of Bootstrap's grid system so that you can create webpages that work on any screen size. But after all of that, we'll jump right back into JavaScript, and you'll learn some more things about jQuery and the standard DOM. As well as how to make HTTP requests with JavaScript so that you can download and use data from the server. You'll also learn about CSS transitions and how you can use them to animate elements. Now, we have a lot of ground to cover, so when you're ready, queue up the first video, and we will get started.

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