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1.1 Introduction

Hi, my name is Rem, and welcome to hands on Angular course. This course is not for beginners, because I will not explain basics of AngularJS. So if you're unfamiliar with this framework, it could be very hard to catch up with the course. But also, this is not advanced material. So if you have read and done a couple of tutorials, you'll be fine. The idea of this course is not to teach you framework, but to show you an example of how all these parts work together, including serVER side, which we will develop using Rails. We'll touch such topics as rouse building and custom directives, scope, controllers, and services,. Also, in the first part of the course, I try to illustrate test first development. So during this course we're going to develop small parts of a database application. So we'll develop app for tabletop role playing game, Savage Worlds. And basically just a database of different ages which character can acquire. So we'll implement public part, where everybody can browse through available ages using filters and search. And then we'll see how to implement authentication, and from there, how to edit and delete content from database. So I hope you're excited and let's get started

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