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1.1 Introduction

Welcome! In this course, I'll show you how to create a simple registration form in Angular.

1.1 Introduction

Hi folks. In this course we are going to learn about Angular's template driven form capabilities and see how to add a simple registration form. Will see how to add the base markup and some light styling for the form. As well as how to make use of Angular's era classes to add era styling. We'll see how to add two-way bindings to the form controls so that the data entered by the user is easily captured. And we'll learn about Angular's own internal form model that keeps track of all of the controls, their values, and whether they are valid or not. Also covered in the course will be working with validation in Angular. We'll see how to use regular HTML file validation attributes with Angular. And also cover slightly more advanced scenarios where we want to trigger validation manually. Let's get started.

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