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1.1 Welcome

Hello and welcome to a new Tut's Plus course. I'm Adi Pordilla and my goal with this course is to help you build your very own WordPress framework. A lot of people want to build WordPress themes, either for themselves, a client, or maybe for sale on ThemeForest. And if you do this often, then a framework is the best thing you can start with because it can serve as a foundation for any future themes you might develop. So whenever you start a new project, half of the work is already done for you. You just have to take that framework, apply some CSS to it, And tweak it so it matches your new theme. That's what I'm gonna show you in this course. I'm gonna build a fully functional WordPress framework that can serve as a skeleton for your themes. Please note that some PHP knowledge is required, and also some WordPress knowledge would be awesome because this is an intermediate course. However, I'll do my best to explain everything I'm doing. At the end of the course, I'll also walk you through some CSS that I've written for this framework. So, without further ado, let's jump to lesson number one where I will show you how to install WordPress.

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