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5.1 Conclusion

You've reached the end of the course. Thank you so much for watching. So, let me give you a quick recap of what's been done. I started the course by showing you how to install WordPress on a local server, using Mamp. After that, I registered the theme in WordPress by creating the style.css, index.php, and functions.php files. I also created a list of all the needed files. Following that list, I showed you how to create the functions.php, the index.php, followed by the content files responsible for displaying different post formats. Next, I followed up with the header, footer, sidebars, and the archive pages. In the final stages, I created a full width page template and walked you through a simple content page. Finally, I explained the CSS I wrote and showed you how to link all of the scripts inside functions.php. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the course and found it useful. If you're having problems understanding some of the WordPress functions, please check out the WordPress Codex. It's a huge resource where you can find all the information you need to build a WordPress theme. I'm Audi Pordilo, and from all of us at Tuts Plus, thank you for watching. Bye.

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