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5.1 Course Recap

This lesson offers a recap on what we’ve done and how the store has developed during the course.

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5.1 Course Recap

Hello, and welcome back to this TUTS+ course on WooCommerce. In this final part of the course, I'll give you a recap of what we've done and take a look at how the store is looking now. So we started with a store that had already been developed for the previous TUTS+ course. And if you followed that course as well, hopefully you'll have started with an existing store that you built there. If not, you'll have been able to download the theme and input content using the import file that's included with WooCommerce. So the first thing that we did was added product videos. We took the Happy Ninja t-shirt and we streamed a video to it that we found in YouTube. And I spent time showing you how to upload video to YouTube if you've got your own videos. But what we did here was stream a third party video from a YouTube channel and then what we did was make the video responsive so that it sizes to the browser window and then when people look at it on smaller screens or on mobile devices it'll work just fine. Once we've added the video, we added a mega menu to our site. We installed a plug-in to do that and we added mega menu items using the navigation menu and widgets. We used a widget to add this image to the clothing mega menu and then we added styling to make that image appear on the right hand side. The final thing we did was add a filter menu to our site. So you can see over here in the side bar, we have a filter menu which allows people to choose between a number of custom attributes which we set up and added to our products and to filter by them. We then added some styling to give some space around the active filters here and the filter menu itself down here, as well as the filter by price bar. So those changes we made will do three things. The videos will make products more appealing and give people a real idea of what it is they're buying. You can use videos to provide demonstrations, tips, advice or just show somebody wearing an item of clothing. The mega menu will help people navigate around the site and find exactly what they're looking for with just one click, while the filter menu will help those people who know what they want, but don't know exactly which product it is, find what they're looking for more quickly than simply by searching through the site. So changes, such as the ones we've made here, will make your site look better and they'll also help you get more sales. Good luck with your own store and thanks for watching this course.

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