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Free Preview: Git Basics: Git Rebase Mixtape


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Git is a deep tool, and there's a lot to learn about rebase. You might need to learn a few more tricks to play in the big leagues. So here's a quick mixtape with a few rebase highlights.

In this course, you'll get a look at some of the advanced use cases for rebasing. You'll learn about interactive rebasing, cherry picking, and the uses of git pull --rebase—as well as getting a heads up on some potential dangers of rebasing in a team environment.

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1. Git Rebase Mixtape

1.1 Introduction

My last video, Merge versus Rebates, gave you a solid basis to integrate changes from one branch into another. But unsurprisingly, git is a deep tool and there's more to learn about rebates. We need to cover a bit more ground, to get you ready for the real action in the big leagues. I thought I'd make you a quick Mixtape, with a few highlights. Understanding interactive rebasing, cherry picking and doing a git pull rebase, rounds off what you should understand to step up your game.