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7.1 Conclusion

Now that we've come through the entire course, I wanna mention a couple of resources that you should check out to learn more about Git. First, there's Getting Good with Git. This a Rockable eBook that I wrote about two years ago. While the content in this course and the book are quite similar, there are several differences, so it might be worth it to check it out. I mentioned this book not because I wrote it, but because you get it for free as part of your Tuts+ premium subscription. Then there's the Git website, This site is chock full of great documentation and articles. It also includes a link to the next resource, Pro Git, by Scott Chacon. You can buy the paperback version of this book from Apress or read the whole thing online for free. And once you're ready for some advanced stuff, I'd recommend the PeepCode Screencasts Advanced Git. This is a great video that will really give you some insight into the hidden power of Git. Well, that's it for now. I hope you'll come away from this course understanding just how helpful Git can be and how powerful it is, when you implement it into your daily development. I know I would certainly be at a loss without it. I'll see you later.

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