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Free Preview: Git Basics: Reset


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Git has become the most widely used system for version control and sharing code. If you want to help build open-source software, or if you want to work on a professional team, understanding Git is a must.

In this Coffee Break series, Envato Tuts+ instructor Ed Wasserman will explain some of the fundamentals of Git. Follow along as Ed explains core Git concepts, all illustrated with helpful animations.

In this course, you'll learn about the git reset command and how it acts on the Git trees. You'll see how the three varieties of Git reset—soft, hard and mixed—act on each of these trees. Meanwhile you'll learn how reset can help you manage your own repositories or individual files within them.

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1. Git Basics: Reset

1.1 Introduction

In this short coffee break, we're gonna talk about get RESET. And how you can use it, to manipulate the three trees, and how to travel in time. RESET, what does it do? I'll tell you undo some changes, that are local to your computer. When you have done some work that you need to rewind, RESET is your friend. You can just start over. You can jump back and forth, between the continents or berries commits and do a bit of time traveling, you have a few options at your disposal with good research. You can go hard, soft and mixed.