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3.1 Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to watch this course. In this lesson, I’ll review some useful resources for your continued learning about Rails.

If there are any questions or feedback you might have, be sure to tell us, either through Twitter or in our student forum.

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3.1 Conclusion

Welcome to the final lesson of learning how to build applications with Ruby on Rails. Before we end this course, I wanted to give you a couple of suggestions on additional resources to consult. The first one is RubyToolbox.com. This website has everything regarding the Ruby Jam system. So if you wanna take a look at plugins that work with Rails, with gems that work with Rails, just type in rails in the search box and you will have so many different results and even categories that work just for Ruby on Rails. Many things like authentication, file uploading, search, I mean, the list is endless. You could go all the way and loads of different possibilities exist to compliment your Rails experience. Be sure to check out the categories. So if I just click on that, you will have many different categories and some of them are just related to Rails. So be sure to give that a look. Also, you should check out the Ruby on Rails official guides. You have guides.rubyonrails.org, which contains official documentation on the many different features. Throughout the course, I have already suggested some of these guides, but the whole list of different topics is extremely recommended. So be sure to check this out. I appreciate you taking the time to visit this course. I hope you learned something new, and I hope your new venture on building web applications is wonderful. If there's any feedback or suggestions that you would like to give us, you can visit us at the community website. Check community.tuftsplus.com. We have a new community forum setup just for you. Post some feedback in there so that everyone can know about your experience. If there are any questions, then everyone can see and probably relate to them. So be sure to do it. If there's anything that's small enough to fit in a tweet, go ahead and send me a tweet. My handler is on the right side of the page. My name is Juja Mata. Thank you so much for taking the time in viewing this course. I hope to see you soon.

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