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1.1 Introduction

In this course, you'll learn how to write mobile apps in React Native. You will learn how to work with components, interact with the user, and integrate third-party tools, while you build a cool cross-platform run tracking app.

1.1 Introduction

When it comes to mobile devices, web applications just don't cut it anymore. But often, the effort needed to create multiple, completely separate native applications isn't worth it or the knowledge to do so is missing. React Native, created by Facebook, tries to solve this problem by using Noches as a basic for creating engaging mobile applications. Hello and welcome to this invited Touch Plus course. My name is Markus Mühlberger and you are watching Get Started with React Native. In this course, I will be covering the basic concepts that you need to learn when creating mobile applications using React Native. Some of the topics you are going to learn are components, layouting and style, scroll view and list view, as well as using third-party components and redux. I'm using the Course Project, a run-tracking app, to demonstrate how to use these components together to create a functioning app. Let's learn React Native together.

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