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1.1 Introduction

For starters, I’ll introduce you to the Phalcon PHP framework. I’ll tell you a little about what you’ll learn in this course and explain why the Phalcon PHP framework is so important.

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1.1 Introduction

There is a wide range of PHP frameworks out there, and all of them claim to be special in one way or another. One of those framework is Phalcon. There is no doubt that it's a full state PHP framework packed with similar features that any traditional framework out there should offer. But it will be your mistake to consider it just another PHP framework. What makes Phalcon unique and exceptional is its speed and the way it loads and runs. In fact, it's the fastest PHP framework ever built. It's not one of those frameworks that you will download and extract into a directory to use it. Rather, it's an extension written in C language that will load into your RAM as a PHP module, which makes it blazing fast, like two to three times more fast. Phalcon is also built up on a very powerful, but easy to understand, use pattern called Dependency Injection. You just initialize the service once, and use them virtually anywhere throughout the application. It makes it more loosely coupled and less dependent. Hi, everyone, my name is Manish Kumar, your instructor for this course on getting started with Phalcon by TUTS+. You will need some basic HTML, PHP and Maia skill knowledge to work through this course. Experience with any PHP framework is also a plus. Do check out my next lesson where I will walk you through some of the interesting things that you will be taking home from this course.

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