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Get Started With NativeScript and Mobile Angular 2



Writing cross-platform mobile apps is hard. On one hand, it can save money to use a JavaScript-based cross-platform mobile framework. But on the other hand, we'd like to be able to give app users the speed and elegance of a native app.

Well, NativeScript is a cross-platform mobile framework that lets us have the best of both worlds. With NativeScript, we can write apps using the web technologies we know and love: CSS, ES6, and even frameworks like Angular 2.

In this course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Reggie Dawson will teach you how to build a cross-platform native app with NativeScript and Angular 2. You'll get to try out the TypeScript language, and you'll learn how Angular 2 and NativeScript can work together. You'll get hands-on practice with some of the most important NativeScript components—like buttons and activity bars that render with native Android and iOS components. You'll also understand how to connect NativeScript with Angular 2 concepts like routing. And by the time you've finished, you'll have built a simple but functional native app, with a Firebase back-end.

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