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1.1 Introduction

Writing cross-platform mobile apps is hard. We don't want separate codebases for every platform, but we would like to have the speed and UI of a native app. In this course, I'll explain how NativeScript lets you have it both ways: write code in JavaScript that compiles to a native app.

1.1 Introduction

With so many mobile app frameworks to choose from, how do you pick the right one for your project? When building your app with a framework like PhoneGap, we're actually using a web view to deliver our user interface. For most apps, this is not a problem, but what if your mobile app is very intensive? Now what if I told you that you could build your mobile apps with Typescript and Angular 2? Or better yet what if I told you that we could create a native app using web technologies? With NativeScript this is now reality. A company called Telerik, which is very active in the hybrid mobile space, created NativeScript. Instead of using a web view, we can now build truly native apps from JavaScript. Now that alone would have been great, but they also allow you to use Typescript and Angular 2 to develop your app. Truth be told, native script has everything you need to build a complex mobile app that will perform very well. Why don't you get started with NativeScript and Angular 2 Mobile?

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