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5.10 Deploy the Application

Now that we've completed our Meteor application, we can go ahead and deploy it. Now Meteor offers several different methods of deployment, including a very robust service that you can pay for. But if you just want to throw a prototype app up there and see if it's working correctly, let some of your friends play around with it, you can use Meteor's little deployment service. And it's super easy to do this. We can just say, meteor deploy, and after that, we give it a subdomain. So, in our case, I'm gonna call it chessgame, and we'll see if chessgame is taken, but I don't think it is. Now if this is the first time you're doing meteor deploy, you'll be asked to sign into a Meteor account, which just keeps track of the applications that you have published to Meteor. As you can see, it looks like chessgame was not taken, so we are deploying to This is going to be the URL for our application. It'll take a couple of minutes for the application to be built and uploaded, but when you're done, you'll have a published web application. And you can see that we are now serving our application at So if I head over to that URL, you can see we have our application. Let's go ahead and create an account, and if we go to find friends, we can see we don't have anyone else in the list. So let's go ahead and open up a second user. And let's create an account for them. We can go find a friend. And let's head over to play chess. Create a new game with them. I go to play games here. Notice that we do get our waiting sign, which is great, because of course now instead of just getting it from a local database, we're waiting for data from a server somewhere else. Okay, so I can go ahead and accept my game here. And let's go ahead and play a few moves. Let's see, it looks like we can successfully make some moves here. Okay, we can also do some chatting. And really, that looks like our application is complete. So we have successfully built an entire Meteor application and deployed it. Good job.

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