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1.1 Introduction

Hi, my name is Jeremy McPeak. In this course, I'll teach you just about everything you need to know to get started coding a Node app with Hapi.jsapplications.

1.1 Introduction

For many years, express was the HTTP server framework for node applications. And rightfully so, it was really the first successful server framework in the node ecosystem. And it enjoyed regular updates for several years but Express begin to stagnate. And as the story commonly goes, other frameworks started to gain popularity. One of those frameworks is happyJS. Hi, I am Jeremy McPeak, and I invite you to spin some time with me and take a look at happyJS and why it has become the most Popular alternative to express. Naturally, we'll start at the very beginning. We'll set up a project and just dive right in. We'll create a very simple Hapi powered application. And then you'll learn how to use the inert plugin. To serve static assets like images, CSS, and JavaScript, but of course using Hapi to just serve static assets is a little overkill. So you'll learn how to take advantage of the different features provided by the vision plugin to generate dynamic content, so Things like layout pages, partials, and view helpers. After that, we'll focus on handling user input. You'll learn how to grab data from the request URL and its query string and then we will handle information from form fields and post requests. Now we have a lot of ground to cover, so when you're ready queue up the next video and we will get started.

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