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4.1 Conclusion

I hope this course has given you a taste for functional programming in Elixir. My name’s Markus Mühlberger, and from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, thanks for watching.

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4.1 Conclusion

Hi, and welcome back to the final lesson on Get Started With Elixir. As with every get started course, it could only scratch the surface of the language. But I tried to pack as many topics about the call features of the language into it. Mainly just [INAUDIBLE] and pricing concurrency and to introducing the OTP framework. There are many useful components on it that I couldn't mention. Many people, when they first start learning Elixir, automatically think of Phoenix. Phoenix is a web framework that has the same goals as Ruby on Rails Express.js or Laravel. With Elixir, it's much more than that. I personally have a few Elixir projects running in production that doesn't have anything to do with the Phoenix Framework or serving a website in general. If you want to learn more about a specific language feature, check out the excellent getting started guide on the Elixir website. And there is also the Awesome Elixir project on GitHub that contains a curated list of many packages for almost every use case. I've linked to them in the lesson notes. As always, if you have a question about the specific topic I covered, feel free to contact me via GitHub or Twitter. So, thank you from all of us here at about Envado Tuts Plus for watching this course. We hope you learned a great deal from it. See you next time.

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