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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to Get Started With Augmented Reality for iOS. In this course, you'll learn to use the new ARKit framework that has been released with iOS 11.

1.1 Introduction

People like to have immersive digital experiences. The recent surge in popularity of VR headsets and augmented reality apps shows that. With iOS 11 it is possible for you create this experience too using the new ARKit framework Apple has released with the latest version of its mobile operating system. Hello and welcome to Get Started With Augmented Reality for iOS. My name is Markus Mühlberger and in this course I will give you an introduction to this brand new framework. We will learn the basics about augmented reality, how to detect planes, load 3D models and how to use physics to interact with objects. We also going to simulate physics forces and experiment with lighting. In a second part of this course I will create a measurement app from start to finish. You can follow along, applying the techniques that you learned before. So, let's get started with augmented reality on iOS.

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