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2.7 Putting It All Together

To wrap things up, I'll share some ideas about ways that you could use WPCOM.js as a back-end for web or mobile apps. We'll also take a look back at what we've done in the course.

2.7 Putting It All Together

Hello everyone, I am Reggie Dawson. Welcome to the Get Started With WPCOM.js course for Tuts+. Now that we have learned about WPCOM.js, I wanna take a moment to explain how you can make use of the library. For this course we just built a very basic project to demonstrate how the data is being returned. There are a lot of ways that we can use WPCOM.js in our apps. In one scenario we could set up a custom admin screen to allow authors on our blog to create an edit post without having to log into WordPress. This could ease the need for our end users to log in, but the app would still need to be secured since it would be authenticated by the token. This means that anyone who has access to the app will be able to perform any authenticated action on the site. Another great use of WPCOM.js would be as the basis for our mobile app built with Cordova. In this scenario, we could use the blog post as the data that we will display to the end users of the mobile app. Now any posts that we add to our WordPress site will be reflected in the mobile app. Whatever you decide to do with WPCOM.js, you have the foundation that you need to get started. First you learn how to use site to display a list of posts. This is what you would need to do if you were building a dashboard for authors. From this list they could select posts to edit or delete. Now here it was not very difficult to display one post but if we wanted to display the full list we would just need to loop over the array. Then we learn how to display a post by the ID, as I mentioned this is essential to building an app from WordPress. If we're going to use the blog post as the content of our app we need to be able to select an individual blog post. No matter how you build your app, you will definitely be able to return an individual post that has been selected. Then finally you learn how to add a post as well as add an item to the media library. These two features are essential to providing the WordPress experience through your app. By putting what you learn together with the library of your choice, you can build a full app using WordPress.com.

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