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2.1 What Is SpriteKit?

Over the next several lessons, we're going to be spending some time discussing what exactly Sprite Kit is. And, what the basic building blocks that you're gonna be using throughout your Sprite Kit development element are, while you're targeting the iOS platform. So at a very high level, what exactly is Sprite Kit? Well, Sprite Kit is a two-dimensional game framework that allows you to create these scenes, these two-dimensional scenes, and be able to add different components to them. And by components, I'm using that word very generally, because it's a very general way to describe what you can do with it. So, you can add in different images, different videos, different audio, and you can also add in what are known as sprites. What are sprites? Well, a sprite is really just a fancy way to refer to some sort of two-dimensional image that you can kind of interact with. And then, ultimatel, provide some animations to, and to move around, and, and things of that nature. So, I know that's a very general description as to what it is. And, as we start to dig into each of the individual lessons within this section and, ultimately, throughout the rest of this course, we're gonna go into much more detail about each of those individual components. And how they all work within Sprite Kit. We're also going to be discussing more and more about the different per, the different parts of Sprite Kit when it comes to game development. So, as you see on the iOS developer library, when you start to look at these Sprite programming guide, you're going to see a lot of information in here about things like frames, and the game loop and the, how everything kinda updates and plays together. As well as how we're gonna ultimately add things to this screen and get them to move and handle interactions. And, those are all a lot of very important aspects to understand in any sort of game development scenario. So now, over the next couple of lessons, we're gonna start to dig into different pieces on how to begin to create Sprite Kit games, with x code to target your iOS devices and simulators.

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