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1.1 Welcome

Hello. And welcome to another exciting course, brought to you by your friends here at tuts plus. My name is Derek Jenson. And throughout this course I'm gonna be taking you into the world of game development, targeting the IOS platform and specifically we're gonna be talking about Sprite Kit. Now you may be wondering what Sprite Kit is, if you've never heard of it or if you have heard of it before. You may wonder, what can we use it for? Well, we're gonna cover all of those basis throughout this course, but specifically as a little bit of an introduction Sprite Kit is basically a game framework that was built into IOS seven that we are now able to use to create some very nice graphical games. Using a very basic concepts in game creation such as game loops and things of that nature. So if you've never done any work with this before please don't worry about it. We're gonna cover all of the basics throughout this course. Now one thing to consider while we're going throughout this course is that I'm going to be using the Swift programming language. Now you can absolutely use Objective-C throughout this course, and still be able to follow along fairly easily. But I will be using Swift. So if you are unfamiliar with Swift, or you're interested in learning more about it, you can take a look at my previous course on the Swift programming language on tuts plus and learn a little bit more about the language before you start diving into this. But I promise you it's not gonna be very difficult content just because it's Swift. It's gonna be fairly simple to wrap your head around if this is the first time, first time you've ever seen it. Also I encourage you to head over to the IOS developer library and search for Sprite Kit, and you can start to read a little bit about it using the Sprite Kit programming guide. But there's a lot of information here and it's going to be very easy to get lost in a sea of confusion. So, take a look at it, read through it occasionally. Starts you to familiarize yourself with some, with some concepts like sprites and nodes and scenes and things of that nature. And I'm gonna be walking through all of those different things throughout this course. So this should be extremely fun, we're gonna have a good time, we're gonna build a game. From absolute beginning to a full more-or-less game that you can play yourself and either continue to evolve on or just kinda take it for what it's worth. But it should be a lot of fun and we're gonna learn a lot. So hang in there throughout this course. We should have a good time and let's go ahead and start building a game.

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