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1.3 Prerequisites

In order to follow along in this course you are going to need Xcode 6. This is a free download from the App Store that you can get to from the Apple developer center. It would also be beneficial to have some familiarity with the Swift programming language, but even with just basic understanding you should be able to follow along.

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1.3 Prerequisites

Now it's time to go over a couple of the prerequisites that we're gonna need for this course, and as similar to some of the other courses I've been doing lately, this one is no different in that the only prerequisite you're going to really need, obviously is going to be a Mac, because we're going to be targeting the IOS platform. And in order to do the development for this particular course, you're going to need to have X Code and specifically you're going to need to have at least X Code version six. Now the latest version at the time of this recording is actually six-dot-one-dot-one, but as long as you have six then you should be fine. Now there may be some other interesting. Issues with either the Swift programming language, or some of the other features of Sprite Kit and the Sprite Kit development process that are in earlier versions of X code six, but you could definitely do it with any of those versions. So if you come to, if you just do a simple search for X code, you will obviously find this on the Mac app store, but what you're gonna find is that if you. Go to this page, it's gonna direct you over to the Mac app store, so you can go ahead and click on that link, launch the application, and it will bring you into the app store. And depending on if you have it already or don't, you may see a couple of different words here, either Open or Update, or Get. Either of them should be fine, so as long as you go ahead and download that. Now, this is a fairly size-able download. As you can see, it's about two and a half gigs, down over here. This may take a little time, depending on your internet connection, if you need to download and then install it. But it's a fairly simple process, as is, as are many of the installation processes here on your Mac. So go ahead and download that. And once you've done that then you should be able to go ahead and open up X code. And if everything has worked properly you should see something very similar to this and if you've gotten this far then you are ready to continue on into the world of building IOS games using Sprite Kit and we're gonna start at step one in the very next lesson.

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