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1.1 Introduction

This course is a basic introduction to functional programming in JavaScript. In the first lesson you’ll get an overview of the course structure, and a quick preview of the project you’ll be working on: a simple filtering function for a website displaying a list of beers.

1.1 Introduction

Hi, I'm Jason Rhodes, with, and this is Intro to Functional Programming in JavaScript. This course will be a basic intro to some functional programming concepts, like higher order functions and pure functions without side effects, and a few other things that we'll go into. It will also just be a practical guide to demonstrate why functions will just make your code better. Now, we're not going to go too much into philosophy or very deeply into the more advanced functional programming concepts. But hopefully the idea here is by the end, you'll be excited to dive deeper into functional programming as a whole. So the structure of this course is, we're gonna start with a refresher on functions, and then move quickly into this project here, where we'll be building this filterable beer menu. So after we refresh on functions, I'll help you set this project up. I'll show you the files. It's set up in a very imperative way at first. And we'll spend the rest of the course just looking at this code here in that one file, app.js, and we're gonna take this imperative code and basically spend the rest of the course making it more functional. So let's get started.

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