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1.1 Introduction

In this short course, I'll teach you how a standard Slim application is built. We'll do routing for GET and POST requests, work with templates, and more.

1.First Look at Slim PHP
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First Look at Slim PHP

1.1 Introduction

[MUSIC] Hi there. I'm Matthew Setter for Tuts Plus. Slim PHP is an excellent package for building small micro applications in PHP. The kind that do one thing and do it very well. In this short course, you're going to get a good introduction to slim PHP. And how a standard Slim PHP application is built. To do this, we're going to build an application using Slim, one which has both a GET & POST route. As we're building it, we're going to pay special attention to the application's foundation, so that you get I thorough understanding of how it's put together. Specifically, configuring application settings, dependencies, and routes. After we've done that, we'll move on and begin flashing out the application by seeing how to work with templates. Specifically, we'll learn how some template variables can be auto set from route parameters, as well as how to set template variables explicitly. With that done, we'll then learn how to retrieve data from the environment, such as post data. As the app is real, if rudimentary one, we'll finish up by seeing how to do some manual validation of the POST route using the excellent tool, Postman. I hope that you enjoy the course. And I'm confident that you're going to get a solid introduction to Slim PHP by taking it. I'll see you in the course.

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