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2.1 Backup Plugin Options

In this lesson, you’ll learn why keeping your site backed up is important and what you need to consider when choosing a backup plugin. I’ll also give you an overview of some of the best ones, both free and paid.

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2.1 Backup Plugin Options

Hello and welcome back to this Tuts+ course on essential WordPress Plugins. In this part of the course, we'll have a look at backing up the site, why it's important, what you need to think about, and some of the key plug-ins that will help you do it. Now for me, keeping my site backed up is one of the most important things I can do, because if anything else goes wrong, it means I've got a copy of my site that I can use to restore it. And here you'll see that there's a Tuts+ a guide to backing up your website, which includes for example, why are website backups so important? Now, we'll be covering quite a lot in this course, including security performance in SEO. But backing up is probably the most crucial thing you can do because there is nothing worse than having your site go down and not being able to fix it. So in this part of the course, we'll take a look at some of the plugins that you can use to back up your site. And in particular I want to focus on how easy it is to restore your site using those plugins, because when you selecting a plugin it's really easy to overlook this. And you could argue that restoring is more important than backing up. So, what you need is a plugin that does it for you without you having to worry about it. So you need automated backups on a regular basis. So, before we move on to having a look at some of the plugins, here's another link that might be useful for you which is the codecs page on backups. Let's take a look first at some free plugins. These are all available on the plugin directory. Firstly, we got WP-DB-Backup, this is a good free plugin that sends you a copy of your database and your files whenever you need it to on an automated basis. And I used this plugin for years before I start using a premium plug in. The downside of this is that you have to know how to restore your site using the database and your files, because it doesn't come with a one click restore. Another plugin that works in a similar way is BackWPup. Now this gives you plenty of options as to where you want to store your site, and if you pay for the premium version you get some more options. And again with the free version, you will need to know how to back your site up from the database and files. The third plugin, which works in a similar, way is BackUpWordPress. And all these you'll find are automated plug ins to backup your database and file separately and will store them wherever you want to. Some of them we'll email them to you, some of them will store them locally on your site. Some of them will store them on a service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, but the good ones will do all of that. And then finally Updraft Plus, and that's the plugin that I'm gonna be using in this course. So you'll see that in a bit more detail later. The other thing you might want to consider is using a premium backup plugin. For me, it's worth using a premium plugin, because I run client sites and I'm paid to keep those sites secure and backed up, and make sure they're running smoothly. So I only have to pay once for access to a plug-in and I can use it on multiple sites. So let's take a look at some of those premium plug-ins. Firstly a really popular one is BackupBuddy, which will back up your entire site for you whenever you need it to, and also makes restoring really easy. VaultPress is run by the same people as WordPress.com, so you know that it will be reliable. And you manage this from the VaultPress dashboard rather than from your site itself. Snapshot is made by WPMU DEV and that's particularly good if you're running Multisite, because it will back up each individual site in your Multisite installation separately. So you can manage them individually. And then finally, Manage WUP, a bit like VaultPress, you run this from a dashboard on their website, and not on your own website and it's another highly respected backup solution that gives you easy one click restore. If you're looking for a premium backup plugin, you might want to take a look at my review of some of them, which gives you an overview of what each of them does well and not so well. But for this course, we're gonna be using a free plugin and that's UpdraftPlus. So, in the next part of the course, I'll show you how to install and configure it. See you next time and thanks for watching.

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