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Enhance Your Laravel App With Vue.js



Laravel is a great framework for building PHP web apps, making it easy to get started and to deliver a solid product. To take the user experience to the next level, however, you'll need to incorporate some client-side code. That's where Vue.js comes in. Vue.js is emerging as one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for use with Laravel, and makes it easy to add real-time interactivity to your site.

In this course, you'll learn how to enhance your Laravel app with Vue.js. Join instructor Jeremy McPeak in learning the concepts and techniques for incorporating Vue.js into your existing Laravel apps. You'll get an overview of Vue.js and its syntax, and then move on to practical examples of how it can be used to enhance an existing app by adding form validation and pagination.

Learn Vue.js

Learn Vue.js with our complete Vue.js tutorial guide, whether you're a seasoned coder or a web designer looking to pick up new front-end development techniques.